our special film with three layers

TRILine und TRILine Eco are our special films when it comes to real environmental protection. We primarily use coextruded films in our production – even for our films processed out of regenerates. Three different types of polyethylene are melted in their individual extruders and are extruded into a common die head. The layers are joined in the die, resulting in outstanding film properties that we pass on to our customers as an advantage (e.g. in the form of reduced thicknesses).

TRILine ECO Collection Bags

TRILine ECO Cover Film

TRILine ECO Vapor Barrier

TRILine Eco machine films


preserving resources with excellent products

Blauer Engel

Our products have been awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label. This label from the federal government ensures that we fulfil stringent requirements regarding environmental safety, health, and performance characteristics. Criteria, which the designated products and services must satisfy, are established for each product group. The Federal Environmental Agency monitors the specifications every three to four years to reflect technical developments. This means companies are encouraged to make their products increasingly eco-friendly. This is completely logical for us, so production remnants and waste are recycled. We also obtain our packaging boxes from recycling companies.

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