Flat bags

Flat bags & sacks loose or blocked

Flat bags

or flat sacks can be used universally and are available in many different dimensions

Flachsäcke lose oder geblockt


according to your specifications, transparent or colored, additional print on request


12 – 200 µ

Optional features / properties

blocked, perforated, needled, smooth, blunt, antistatic


loose in a box or with blocked edges

Material selection






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Flat bags and sacks – the versatile classics

Flat bags or sacks can be used universally for almost all products and goods that need to be stored, protected, organized, transported or presented. During production, the sacks are manufactured from a tubular roll in the desired format and welded with a simple bottom seam. We can supply you with flat bags in many different dimensions – also individually designed to your specific use. Smaller sizes of flat bags are used in the food industry, for example.

Also known as bread bags, butcher’s bags or meat bags, we all have already held one in our hands. Here we recommend our Linothene® streamlined film as the base material, which meets all food standards and makes your products shine.

In larger dimensions, flat bags or sacks are often used as protective garment covers and packaging for electronics. Flat bags are also popular in the automotive industry and in online retail. They are also ideal for waste disposal in local authorities, hospitals, for building and cleaning service providers and in industrial companies. Our flat bags also reliably collect glass, polystyrene, PET bottles, paper and other large-volume recyclable materials, which are then fed back into the recycling cycle. In order to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, we advise you to use our streamlined environmental filmEcothene®, which has been awarded the Blue Angel.

Garment covers

Garment covers protect textiles from damage and dirt. Garment covers are very variable in size and can be adapted exactly to the respective requirements, whether for shirts, towels or workwear. Garment covers are mainly used in the textile industry or by dry cleaners and laundries. If the garment covers are also provided with a side gusset, there is significantly more space so that several or bulkier items of clothing can also fit inside.

We supply our garment covers in many different designs, whether transparent or colored, with or without fabric marking. Also available with or without hanger opening and with or without shoulder opening. The optional needling of the sleeves ensures that air can escape during packaging, while an antistatic design ensures that the content does not stick to the film. Our film experts will be happy to work with you to find out which version is best for you.

Our garment covers are supplied either loose in a box or perforated on a roll.


Together, we find the perfect product for your situation.

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