We have been focusing on sustainable production processes and striving for closed cycles since the 1990s.

What we do

In simple terms, the bags and sacks are handled as follows: A series of state-of-the-art blown film lines are involved in “film extrusion”. They independently convey exact doses of different sorts and brands of polyethylene granules, regenerates, desired dyes and other required ingredients into the interior of the machine to melt them together. The polymer melt is pulled upwards by the take-off roll and rises like an elongated balloon up to the first station. When there – and cooled down in the meantime – it is flattened then runs downwards via additional rollers and is wound onto a core. The parent reel is then in position for further processing.

Parent reels

This parent reel is either directly delivered to our customers as machine film or shaped in our production department Modern machinery ensures that sacks and bags are the correct size, before perforating them for ease of separation, then count the correct number for each roll or carton. Everyone knows about such bags and sacks from typical household use.

We have a large range of products – everything is possible from the smallest bag to huge sacks with volumes of 3000 litres. They are either loose, on a roll, with or without a drawstring, dyed or transparent, printed or unprinted, with or without a hole or punching, and much more.

Do we really need that?

At your local discounter or supermarket, you’re standing at the machine for returning empty bottles. You push your plastic bottle into the opening provided, then it is crushed before falling into a container. What you don’t see: This “compressed material” lands in a collection sack made out of regenerates, produced by TERDEX. Around 90% of all well-known retail chains in Germany use our product for collecting and disposing of returnable plastic bottles. A clean business and a benefit for the environment as both the remaining bottles and the collection sacks themselves are recycled by a specialist company and are then passed on for further processing in corresponding factories that produce plastics.

It’s a pity that you cannot visit our production facilities. Watching how films, bags and sacks are produced is absolutely fascinating.

Together, we find the perfect product for your situation.

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