Side gusset bags

in many different versions with extra volume thanks to practical side gusset

Side gusset bags

for packaging food and other products, as inner lining for mesh boxes or shipping cartons



according to your specifications, transparent or colored, additional print on request


12 – 200 µ

Optional features / properties

blocked, perforated, needled, smooth, blunt, antistatic


loose in a box or with blocked edges

Material selection






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Side gusset bags – the all-round talents

Side gusset bags or sacks are just as universally applicable as flat bags, but with the decisive advantage that the tucked-in gusset creates significantly more volume within the sack or bag. The side gusset allows you to store more than twice as much for the same size. Our side gusset bags are produced in the desired format from a tubular roll, with a bottom seam and two side gussets that are “inserted” into the film.

We can supply you with gusset bags in many different materials and dimensions – also individually tailored to your needs. It is particularly environmentally friendly if your side gusset bags are made from our environmental film Ecothene®.

So it is not only your benefit but also a gain for the environment too. Our streamlined film has been awarded the Blue Angel, consits of recycled material and is also fully recyclable. Sustainably sensible.

Tire bags

Tire bags are made of sturdy, tear-resistant material and are designed to protect the tire from dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental influences. Tire bags are available in different dimensions to accommodate different tire diameters and can be used for summer or winter tires when they are not mounted on the vehicle. In addition to protecting the tires during storage and transport, tire bags also enable space-saving storage as they protect the tires from dirt or damage, thus extending their service life.


Gardening bags

Gardening bags or sacks make it easier to collect and transport light garden waste such as small branches, leaves or grass cuttings. Larger versions are also suitable for easy disposal of large volumes of garden waste. Gardening bags are equipped with a side gusset and stay open more easily when filled than flat bags without a side gusset. They are puncture-resistant and can be made both opaque and translucent (semi-transparent).

Together, we find the perfect product for your situation.

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