Our mission: to help protect nature, the environment, and our climate whilst also reducing costs.

Films with history – and a future

In times of diminishing resources, TERDEX is rising to the challenge of manufacturing high-quality AND environmentally friendly film products. We supply these films and assist our clients in their sustainability projects. Ultimately: Film and environmental protection are not contradictory.

TERDEX was founded by Gerd and Lothar Heikaus as a family business in the best sense of the term and focuses on the production and continued development of polythene films. For 15 years, our focus has been on recycled raw materials, known as regenerates. The quality of these has been continuously developed in line with the wishes of our customers. Our pioneering role regarding environmental protection, the quality of our products, flexibility, cost awareness and reliability – all these convince international retailers, traders, and industrial companies. Films for food packaging, small waste bags for household use, large and high-volume sacks, waste bags and sacks for industrial disposal, construction and covering films are our speciality, and most of our products are made from regenerates. Some of the most stringent measures are set by “Blue Angel”, which is the eco-label from the federal government for eco-friendly products and services.

Customer demands and requirements are extremely important to us, and we try everything possible to develop suitable solutions. 50 highly-qualified staff monitor production and keep a very close eye on the results. Only top-quality products leave our premises. Pioneering technology is always found behind new product ideas. Our range of state-of-the-art machinery provides a wide array of production options. The film extrusion plant contains a series of state-of-the-art blown film lines, meaning that a wide range of film products can be manufactured.

Production and technology – are all well and good. Encouraging interactions within the company is important to us as a family-run business. The management team consists almost entirely of family members. A particularly great benefit is that everyone knows each other inside out, and as everyone works in close proximity relevant topics can be rapidly discussed and resolved. Our office and production teams are constantly in contact and can quickly amend and optimise production processes if an emergency arises. We’re aware of the strengths of every single person and have a willing ear to listen to their worries and issues. Our explicit aim: We will continue to make our eco-friendly films and products in the future to ensure that terms such as ecology and sustainability are faithfully followed.

Together, we find the perfect product for your situation.

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