Offers significant cost savings and protects the environment at the same time.

Our envirnomental film

Ecothene®– our cost-saving and eco-friendly film was developed to offer a high-quality product using the COEX/multi-layer film production process and a special mix of raw materials.

Furthermore, Ecothene® was awarded with th Blue Angel.

Blauer Engel


Ecothene® offers the proven properties of a multi-layer film, but requires significantly less material to manufacture. And to benefit the environment, Ecothene® is made from at least 80% PCR (post-consumer recyclate) and can be fully recycled.

Everything fits together.

100 % recycled raw materials
high tear resistance
high load capacity
low net weight
stretchy, stable and liquid-tight
fully recyclable

100% used becomes 100% new!

Cost saving opportunities

By using our environmental film, a consistent reduction in thickness is possible, which brings you significant advantages.

You save material and storage space and you also decrease your impact on the environment as less volume has to be transported and disposed of.

And if Ecothene® is correctly receycled at the end in a way it can be reused, everyone wins – you, us and the environment!

  • Use of materials

    up to 40 % savings on materials

  • less storage space

    by more pieces stored at the same weight

  • lower transportation costs

    by transporting more pieces with the same weight

  • less waste volume

    buying less also means disposing of less

Together, we find the perfect film product for your situation.

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