Our mission: films that help to keep the environment healthy! Eco-friendliness is logical for us.

Our Philosophy

“Let us do everything possible to ensure that the next generation, the children of today, are left a world that does not just provide the necessary space to live, but also a world that supports life and makes life worth living.”

This is a translation of a quote of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker, and it represents our corporate philosophy perfectly.

Green film products

Even back in the 1990s, company founders Gerd and Lothar Heikaus took on a pioneering role in the development and production of eco-friendly plastic films. Their far-sightedness is paying off today.

During these times of fluctuating raw material prices, increasingly scarce resources, and the worsening reputation of plastics, the market for film products is increasingly following an eco-friendly trend. Consumers are aware of this and demand products that are not hazardous to the environment. Our primary aim is therefore, where possible, to replace products made from new items with products made from regenerates.

up to 55 % cost savings

Relevant studies show that in the production of polythene with 100% regenerates, СО² emissions are 55% lower compared to production of films from new polythene. Savings of around 24,000 kilograms of СО² per lorry with a load volume of 20,000 kilograms of films speak for themselves.

We develop and produce extremely thin films that are extremely eco-friendly and cost-effective whilst fulfilling all demands of our customers. With reduced thickness comes lower volumes of waste and it can be 100 % recycled.

Blauer Engel

Our products have been awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label. This label from the federal government ensures that we fulfil stringent requirements regarding environmental safety, health, and performance characteristics. Criteria, which the designated products and services must satisfy, are established for each product group. The Federal Environmental Agency monitors the specifications every three to four years to reflect technical developments. This means companies are encouraged to make their products increasingly eco-friendly. This is completely logical for us, so production remnants and waste are recycled. We also obtain our packaging boxes from recycling companies.


preserving resources with excellent products

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