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Extremely resistant

In times of rising raw material prices and diminishing resources, we are called upon using products that protect our environment and reduce costs at the same time – without compromising on load capacity or tear resistance, of course. This is possible with film products out of Linothene®. Products made from Linothene® can easily withstand any tear test. Thanks to a consistent reduction in thickness and extensive tests with various raw materials, particularly thin but extremely strong films have been developed by our engineers. Even a film with a thickness of just 17 µ Linothene ® can achieve a load capacity of more than 30 kg.

Consistently sustainable

Linothene® does not only boast by impressive material properties, but also by first-class environmental characteristics: Thanks to the lower material usage, the CO2 emissions generated during production and transport are reduced by nearly 50%. Linothene® is also environmentally friendly when it comes to disposal: the film is 100% reusable and recyclable. Linothene® is of course landfill and groundwater neutral, as no pollutants are produced during thermal recycling.

Extremely strong. Extremely economical. Extremely reliable.

Linothene extrem dehnbar

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