Drawstring bags

for easy and safe disposal of waste

Drawstring bags

for easier closing and better handling, in small and large dimensions, suitable as sacks and bags for waste disposal or as collection bags



according to your specifications, transparent or colored, additional print on request


12 – 200 µ

Optional features / properties

perforated, needled, smooth, blunt, antistatic


perforated on a coreless roll

Material selection






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Drawstring bags – simply practical

Drawstring bags or sacks are a popular and versatile type of packaging. Drawstring bags are characterized by their practical drawstring closure mechanism. The drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close the bag by simply pulling the drawstring to close the bag and secure the contents. Drawstring bags can be filled to the top, quickly and cleanly. Drawstring bags are available in different dimensions and thicknesses and offer a flexible packaging solution for a variety of needs. Drawstring bags are ideal for the storage and transport of light- to medium-weight items. Drawstring bags are very important for waste disposal, for example. Whether kitchen waste, light packaging waste (Yellow Bag) or the collection of residual waste from indoor pools or offices.

Drawstring bags are mainly used by cleaning companies, local authorities, public sector clients and other companies that require large quantities of waste bags or sacks. We can supply you with drawstring bags made of LDPE film or HDPE film.

We mainly use regenerated material, which is made from washed and recycled used film. Depending on the intended use, we manufacture waste bags in the required dimension and the appropriate film thickness. Our drawstring bags made from Ecothene film are particularly sturdy. This multi-layer film achieves high strength with a low wall thickness. This can save up to 40 % material!

Diaper bags

Anyone who ever had a baby will be familiar with the unpleasant smell of full diapers that have to be disposed of in the residual waste. To minimize odours, we recommend using a drawstring bag, which is simply tied as airtight as possible with a drawstring provided for this purpose after filling. Our drawstring bags and sacks are ideal for many different containers that can be used to collect diapers. Dimensions and designs are enormous and are defined and optimized in a personal consultation based on your project.


Together, we find the perfect product for your situation.

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