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You can contact us on: +49 2261 911 91-48


A capable team

Whether in management, marketing, production, sales, or logistics - at TERDEX everything works just like it should to ensure that only the best is achieved for our customers and to help contribute to their success.

We are a young team with plenty of ideas, which we implement based on the wishes of our customers. Two new managing directors have been at the helm since 1 January 2020 in the form of Florian Heikaus and Stefan Sax, who implement their visions for the future in harmony with their staff without losing sight of what is tried and trusted.

Aware of your wishes

We do everything possible to ensure that we find appropriate, strategic solutions for the aims of our customers. The experts in our production team ensure that the desired outcomes are met. The sales and logistics teams ensure that our quality-assured products arrive precisely on schedule.

“Work does not feel like work” - said one member of staff in the latest employee survey, who said it is a good place to work whilst also providing constructive suggestions for improvement in work processes. The pleasant working environment, the sense of being in a team, appreciation of good performance, flat hierarchies, quick responses to reasonable suggestions and the rigorous search for improvements are all highly praised. Also, staff are supported during difficult times. “From my experience, I can say that work with TERDEX is demanding, yet also varied. You are challenged and can play a major part in the company’s development if your performance is good”, said another happy employee.

It feels good and good things happen when staff and management stick together - in a strong team.

Marcel Simmerl
Head of Purchasing
+49 2261 91191 53
Tatjana Wachter
+49 2261 91191 61
Felix Scheffer
Customer Adviser
+49 2261 91191 45
Azize Göz
Customer Adviser
+49 2261 91191 46
Bettina Hennes
Customer Adviser
+49 2261 91191 43
Tanja Morwinsky
Customer Adviser
+49 2261 91191 52
Britta Winter
Customer Adviser
+49 2261 91191 41
Petra Brockmeier
Customer Adviser and Logistics
+49 2261 91191 40
Stefan Sax
Head of Sales and Production
+49 2261 91191 47
Florian Heikaus
Head of Finance & HR
+49 2261 91191 50
Tanja Nörrenberg
Head of HR
+49 2261 91191 75
Fabian Heikaus
Technical and Production Management
+49 2261 91191 15
Felix Heikaus
Head of Production
+49 2261 91191 13
Alexandra Köster
Work Preparation
+49 2261 91191 42
Sandra Haag
Commercial Management and Marketing
+49 2261 91191 70
Anne Lambertz
Head of Quality Assurance, Research & Development
+49 2261 91191 16
Daniela Buller
Commercial Trainee
+49 2261 91191 0
Kain Luczykowski
Commercial Trainee
+49 2261 91191 48
Norbert Kurth
Kundenberater im Außendienst
+49 2421 972 84 95
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