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Linothene® - Extremely strong. Extremely cost-effective. Extremely reliable.

During times of rising raw material prices and scarce resources, we are expected to use products that safeguard nature whilst also lowering costs, without any impact on load-bearing capacity or tensile strength. This is all possible with products made from Linothene®.

Products made of Linothene® can handle any tensile test. Extremely thin, yet exceptionally strong films are developed by rigorously reducing the thickness alongside comprehensive tests with various raw materials. Linothene®, despite a thickness of only 17µ has a load-bearing capacity of more than 30 kg.


Utterly sustainable
Linothene® does not just have impressive material characteristics, but is also extremely eco-friendly: Due to lower material usage, CO2emissions resulting from manufacturing and transport are reduced by up to 50%. Linothene® is also eco-friendly to dispose. The films can be 100% reused and recycled.

As you would expect, Linothene® does not go into landfill and does not affect ground water as no pollutants are released during thermal recycling.


Linothene® – a strong connection between quality and eco-friendliness!


Uses of Linothene® films:

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