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Our packaging within the food film sector ranges from solutions for baked goods to roll container and pallet covers for the food processing industry as well as flexible film solutions for industrial applications.


Food packaging

Have you ever wondered how stringent the rules for packaging food or meat products intended for human consumption really are? Probably not, but one thing is certain: It is truly a science in its own right.

The rules for such films are extremely stringent. At the moment, they (still) cannot be made of recycled materials/regenerates. Processing of class 1A granulate from pure, new plastic is ensured.

The result is, with the aid of our state-of-the-art extrusion systems, exceptionally fine and transparent film that satisfies all statutory requirements. Those who are involved also have to work under extremely hygienic conditions. This is a particularly challenging task for the packaging ladies who pack all TERDEX products in boxes before delivery.

On top of that: Highly-qualified and well-educated staff monitor production in all sectors in a process-oriented manner. We make sure that all products are carefully inspected. Only top-quality products leave our premises.

As you would expect, we satisfy all legal requirements and hygiene standards during production.
Our customer support team or quality assurance department would be glad to provide more information - 
or take a look at our certificates.

Does our vision interest you? We hope that it will be possible in the future to produce regenerates that can satisfy the most stringent requirements when packaging food. That means we will also be able to carry out environmentally-friendly production in this sector too. Promising research means that such future projects may soon be at your fingertips.

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