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Ecothene® – the environmental film

Our cost-saving and eco-friendly Ecothene® film was developed to offer a high-quality product using the COEX/multi-layer film production process and a special mix of raw materials.

Ecothene is also awarded with the German Eco-lable "Blue Angel".


Your advantages

  • 100% recycled raw materials
  • high tensile strength and load-bearing capacity
  • little own weight
  • the film is ductile, stable, and impervious to liquids
  • fully recyclable


Ecothene® – 100 % new from what was 100 % used!

Cost benefits

The use of Ecothene® results in considerably thinner material, which results in increased cost savings:

  • uses up to 40% less material
  • less storage space - so more items can be stored for the same weight
  • lower transport costs - so more items can be transported for the same weight
  • less waste - purchasing less also means disposing of less


Uses of Ecothene® films:

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