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You can contact us on: +49 2261 911 91-48



We prepare your desired package

52 x 7 x 24

This is our formula, and it says: “We work for you, 52 weeks a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.” Essentially, with us you’re in good hands.

Desired product

Do you require a special film product? We will develop it for you and check the extent to which regenerates or similar can be used so that you are also able to play a part in protecting the environment.

Control tests

Before your desired product enters production, it is tested in our laboratory. One sample is then stored. This enables our experts to always keep your initial intentions in mind where necessary. You can rest assured that the quality of your product is always “under control”.

One step ahead

Our sales team are always one step ahead and act quicker than what the customer expects. Schedule enquiries, delivery times, technical information regarding products - they have a willing ear for all questions.

Raising the alarm

We also keep an eye on the ordering behaviour of our customers. We let you know in good time if it becomes clear that an important product is running low on stock. It's our way of ensuring smooth production processes.

When things heat up

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve ordered ten pallets of a film product, and delivery is due next week. However, you find out that you don't have enough in stock until then. Don't panic! One call does the trick - our warehouse always has a large range of items in stock. Tell us what you need - we’ll be on our way quickly to bring you your goods or a replacement where required. Even if it’s just a single pallet.

Innovation as standard

Supporting our customers is extremely important to us. As you would expect, we get in touch if there are new features which may be beneficial for you.

Short and sweet. Relax, your desired package is on its way!

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